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Do you often find yourself not focusing at work? Or, you try to focus, but something else comes along and distracts you? I know how this feels. I’ve listed eleven ways to remove distractions and increase focus in this article.

I’ve been able to improve my focus by removing some of the distractions I have at work, and it’s made it easier to get things done.

As a developer, we use computers a lot during the day. Actually, there’s not a lot of work we don’t do at our computers.

Unless we’re drawing diagrams or trying to solve problems on paper, or attending meetings, most of our work involves sitting at the computer.

And sitting at the computer can mean a lot of distractions.

So, in this article, I’ll share the things I’ve done to improve my focus by removing distractions at work.

1. Disable Notifications on Your Phone

2. Mobile Phone – On Vibrate, Out Of Sight

3. Disable Email Popup Notifications in Outlook

4. Hide Your Email Window from View

5. Don’t Have Too Many Open Windows

6. Leave Personal Browsing For Lunch Breaks

7. Unsubscribe from Newsletters (except for this one!)

8. Eat Well During The Day

9. Get Enough Sleep

10. Always Have One Thing to Do

11. Imagine the Work as Finished