Business support that makes a difference

Remote monitoring and support is our most popular service among local businesses. Using state of the art monitoring products, our technicians are able to maintain the health and status of your entire network, including servers, client PCs, modems, routers and much more. With this sort of power comes several key benefits to your business.

Proactive & predictive maintenance

Traditionally, IT support has centered around resolving technical issues after they’ve already caused disruption to people’s workflow. With our advanced Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solutions, our technicians are able to track any indicators of upcoming unreliability, and resolve them before your business is impacted. Whether it’s a potentially harmful email attachment on your mail server, or a failing sector on a laptop’s hard drive, we will be able to prevent downtime for you by catching problems before you even know they exist.

Network monitoring and support services

Efficiency & reliability reporting

As part of our ongoing effort to keep your business operating at its most efficient, our technician’s produce monthly reports so you can keep track of your network’s performance and reliability. Within each report, you’ll find aggregated, graphically visual data from the entire month, with network speed, server uptime reports, diagnostic information, suggestions for further optimisations, and much more. You’ll be able to see month-over-month improvements from the day we begin looking after your network!

Remote and phone support

Included within our monitoring package is ongoing technical support, both over the phone and via remote administration. If you have any technical concerns or queries, our friendly staff are available to look after you. You won’t be waiting on hold to speak to a customer service representative in the Phillipines, our expert technicians are local and always available to take your call.

Contact us today for professional advice on your business IT requirements – 02 8090 7142.